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Everyone considering building a niche blog as a side hustle will start with this question.

How do I choose a profitable blog niche? One that:

  • I can actually win
  • I can win fast
  • I can sell

The answer? Let’s dig in.

most profitable blog niches

What makes a blog niche profitable?

When you’re writing the content yourself, it makes sense to choose something you’re passionate about.

Toiling away for hours is not fun when you find the topic dull and dishwater.

However, if this is an investment, and you’re outsourcing the content production you should choose a niche that’s:

  • Easy to win (attainable)
  • Gives the highest return

These are two factors we should consider separately.

During a podcast with Adam Smith, he shared his thoughts on selecting a niche:

"If you're gonna write the content yourself, I 100% agree, pick something you're interested in... But if this is just purely an investment play for you and you're gonna be outsourcing it, it doesn't make sense to go after what you are passionate about. Essentially, it makes sense to go after what's more attainable. What's gonna give you the highest return?"

Interesting. And very, very true.

If we're going after advertising revenue, then we want traffic. We want traffic fast.

To get that, we want traffic that's easy to win.

What makes search traffic easy to win?

I'm going to assume you have a foundation level of SEO knowledge. If you don't, check out my SEO glossary and SEO case studies to start learning.

You're just starting out with a fresh blog with low domain authority.

In this state of things, traffic that's easy to win is low competition.

Spotting low competition (and ideally high traffic volumne) keywords is a skillset you develop over time with SEO.

But here is a breakthrough bit of advice you likely haven't heard before.

Instead of following metrics like KD (keyword difficulty) in a keyword research tool, look at site authority and start there.

Let me explain with an example.

Example of Easy-to-Win Keywords

I was recently helping a client building a blog in the "pregnancy" niche. She has a medical background, so is particularly well-suited to writing this content with authority and expertise.

During the keyword research, I discovered a DR 14 website (ie. low authority) ranking in the top 3 for the key phrase "can you eat olives when pregnant?"

profitable blog niche example

What does this tell me?

It tells me that I do not need 100s of backlinks (the driver of the DR metric) to win this keyword. That's ideal because we're building a brand new website and not using an aged domain.

We have no backlinks and it looks like we don't need many to win this traffic.

If you can find 100 keywords like this example, you'll grow traffic much, much faster than usual.

Want some help choosing your keywords? Book an hour with me here.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche (Full of These Examples^)

To choose a profitable niche, there's a simple process:

  1. Make a large list of low DR sites (like the one mentioned above "maternitycomfortsolutions.com"). Do this across every niche you're interested in.
  2. Analyze the traffic of each of those sites. Look for websites with low DR, yet high traffic.
  3. Tear them down. What are they doing that's special that allows them to win despite low DR?
  4. Write the same topics as them, but BETTER.

As your DR improves over time, you can copy the topics and content strategies of higher and higher DR competitors.

I highly recommend not choosing healthcare or finance. These require expertise and are, therefore, expensive because you need to get experts to write for you and you need to cite sources.

Simple, yet powerful, right?

Without further ado. Let's generate some profitable niche blog ideas.

13 Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas

1. Niche: Health and Wellness

The health and wellness niche is a profitable choice because it caters to a wide audience seeking to improve their physical and mental well-being. The high demand for reliable information offers countless opportunities for affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and advertising revenue.

Angles to take:

a. Mental health | Blog idea: "The Mindful Path: Exploring Everyday Strategies to Improve Mental Health and Build Resilience"

b. Nutrition | Blog idea: "Whole Food Adventure: A Journey to Discover the Best Nutritional Choices for a Healthier Life"

c. Exercise and fitness | Blog idea: "Fit For Life: Unlocking the Secrets to Building a Strong, Balanced, and Energized Body"

d. Holistic healing | Blog idea: "Heal the Whole You: A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Holistic Healing Practices into Your Life"

e. Stress management | Blog idea: "Serenity Now: Mastering Stress Relief Techniques for a Calmer, Happier Life"

f. Weight loss | Blog idea: "Lean and Light: Real-Life Success Stories, Tips, and Recipes for Sustainable Weight Loss"

g. Sleep improvement | Blog idea: "Sweet Dreams: Uncovering the Science of Sleep and Strategies for Achieving a Restful Night"

h. Aging and longevity | Blog idea: "Ageless Living: How to Embrace a Vibrant Lifestyle for Enhanced Longevity and Well-being"

i. Meditation and mindfulness | Blog idea: "Present Moment, Peaceful Mind: A Beginner's Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness Practices"

j. Natural remedies | Blog idea: "Nature's Healing Secrets: Harnessing the Power of Natural Remedies for Everyday Health and Wellness"

2. Niche: Personal Finance

The personal finance niche is a lucrative option because it appeals to a large audience interested in managing their money better. With a focus on budgeting, investing, and saving, this niche offers valuable content that can help readers achieve financial stability. This niche's evergreen nature allows for consistent traffic and revenue generation through affiliate marketing and sponsored content.

Angles to take:

a. Budgeting and Saving | Blog idea: "The Savvy Saver: Practical Tips and Strategies for Mastering Your Money and Building Your Savings"

b. Investing | Blog idea: "Investing for Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Your Wealth in the Stock Market and Beyond"

c. Retirement Planning | Blog idea: "Golden Years Blueprint: How to Design a Secure and Enjoyable Retirement through Smart Financial Planning"

d. Tax Advice | Blog idea: "Tax-Smart Living: A Step-by-Step Guide to Minimizing Your Tax Burden and Maximizing Your Refund"

e. Debt Management | Blog idea: "Debt-Free Destiny: Tackling Debt Head-On and Creating a Path to Financial Freedom"

f. Real Estate | Blog idea: "Property Wealth: Exploring Real Estate Investment Strategies for Long-Term Financial Success"

g. Credit Repair | Blog idea: "Credit Reboot: A Roadmap to Repairing, Rebuilding, and Maximizing Your Credit Score"

h. Frugal Living | Blog idea: "The Frugalista Chronicles: Uncovering the Art of Living Well on a Budget"

i. Insurance | Blog idea: "Secure Your Future: Navigating the World of Insurance for Your Family's Protection and Peace of Mind"

j. Financial Planning for Families | Blog idea: "Family Finance 101: Building a Strong Financial Foundation for Your Loved Ones and Their Future"

3. Niche: Travel and Adventure

Travel and adventure is a thriving niche, as people always look for inspiration and tips to plan their next journey. This niche offers a diverse range of topics, providing endless opportunities for monetization through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and ad revenue.

Angles to take:

a. Budget Travel | Blog idea:"Budget Wanderlust: Discovering the World's Hidden Gems without Breaking the Bank"

b. Luxury Travel | Blog idea: "Indulgent Journeys: Exploring the World of Luxury Travel and Unforgettable Experiences"

c. Solo Travel | Blog idea: "One Soul's Odyssey: A Guide to Solo Travel and Empowering Adventures"

d. Family Travel | Blog idea: "Globetrotting Families: Creating Unforgettable Memories Through Family Travel Adventures"

e. Adventure Travel | Blog idea: "Thrill Seekers Unite: Unearthing the Most Exciting Adventure Travel Destinations"

f. Cultural Travel | Blog idea: "Cultural Explorer: Delving into the Rich Traditions and Heritage of World Destinations"

g. Eco-tourism | Blog idea: "Green Getaways: Embracing Sustainable Travel and Responsible Adventures"

h. Food and Travel | Blog idea: "Culinary Compass: A Journey Through Global Flavors and Authentic Food Experiences"

i. Travel Photography | Blog idea: "Capturing Wanderlust: A Travel Photographer's Guide to Capturing Stunning Images Around the Globe"

j. Travel Gear and Gadgets | Blog idea: "The Savvy Voyager: Essential Gear and Gadgets for the Modern Traveler"

4. Niche: Parenting and Family

The parenting and family niche is a popular and profitable choice because it appeals to a wide audience of parents seeking advice and support. This evergreen niche allows for consistent traffic, and the potential for monetization through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and advertising revenue.

Angles to take:

a. Pregnancy and Childbirth | Blog idea: "Expecting Miracles: A Comprehensive Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond"

b. Newborn Care | Blog idea: "Cradle of Love: Mastering the Art of Newborn Care and Nurturing"

c. Toddler Development | Blog idea: "Little Steps, Big Discoveries: A Parent's Guide to Toddler Development and Milestones"

d. School-age Children | Blog idea: "Growing Minds: Navigating the World of School-Age Children and Their Ever-Changing Needs"

e. Teen Parenting | Blog idea: "The Teenage Tightrope: Balancing Love, Support, and Independence for Your Teen"

f. Single Parenting | Blog idea: "The Solo Parenting Journey: Embracing the Challenges and Triumphs of Single Parenthood"

g. Blended Families | Blog idea: "United We Stand: A Guide to Building and Nurturing Blended Families"

h. Adoption and Foster Care | Blog idea: "Heart and Home: The Rewards and Challenges of Adoption and Foster Care"

i. Parenting Special Needs Children | Blog idea: "Exceptional Love: A Parent's Guide to Raising and Supporting Special Needs Children"

j. Homeschooling and Alternative Education | Blog idea: "Education Reimagined: Exploring Homeschooling and Alternative Education Options for Your Family"

5. Niche: Personal Development

The personal development niche is a lucrative option due to the high demand for self-improvement content. As people seek to better themselves, this niche offers valuable information on goal-setting, productivity, communication skills, and more. Monetization opportunities include affiliate marketing, coaching services, sponsored content, and digital products.

Angles to take:

a. Goal-setting and Motivation | Blog idea: "Dare to Dream: Mastering the Art of Goal-Setting and Unlocking Your Inner Drive"

b. Time Management and Productivity | Blog idea: "Time Well Spent: Strategies for Boosting Productivity and Making Every Moment Count"

c. Communication Skills | Blog idea: "The Art of Connection: Enhancing Your Communication Skills for Personal and Professional Success"

d. Leadership and Management | Blog idea: "Born to Lead: Cultivating Leadership and Effective Management Techniques"

e. Emotional Intelligence | Blog idea: "Heart and Mind: Developing Emotional Intelligence for a More Fulfilling Life"

f. Career Development | Blog idea:"Climbing the Ladder: A Guide to Achieving Career Success and Professional Growth"

g. Entrepreneurship | Blog idea: "The Entrepreneur's Journey: Igniting Your Passion and Turning Ideas into Reality"

h. Life Coaching | Blog idea: "Unlock Your Potential: A Guide to Personal Transformation Through Life Coaching"

i. Mindfulness and Self-awareness | Blog idea: "The Mindful Path: Cultivating Mindfulness and Self-Awareness for a More Balanced Life"

j. Habit Formation | Blog idea: "Habits for Success: Creating Lasting Change and Building a Life You Love"

6. Niche: Home and Garden

The home and garden niche appeals to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who want to create a beautiful and functional living space. This niche provides numerous topics to cover and monetization opportunities through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and advertising revenue.

Angles to take:

a. Home Organization and Decluttering | Blog idea: "Order in the House: Transforming Your Home Through Organization and Decluttering"

b. Interior Design and Decorating | Blog idea: "Designing Sanctuary: Creating Beautiful and Inspiring Spaces in Your Home"

c. Home Improvement and DIY Projects | Blog idea: "The DIY Home: Tackling Home Improvement Projects and Personalizing Your Space"

d. Gardening and Landscaping | Blog idea: "The Green Oasis: Cultivating a Beautiful and Nurturing Garden and Landscape"

e. Eco-friendly Living | Blog idea: Earth-Friendly Abode: Embracing Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Living at Home"

f. Smart Home Technology | Blog idea: "Connected Living: Exploring the World of Smart Home Technology and Innovation"

g. Outdoor Living and Entertainment | Blog idea: "The Great Outdoors: Enhancing Your Home's Exterior for Ultimate Outdoor Living and Entertainment"

h. Home Security | Blog idea: "Safe Haven: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Security and Peace of Mind"

i. Home Appliances and Gadgets | Blog idea: "The Modern Home: Navigating the Latest Home Appliances and Gadgets for a More Efficient Life"

j. Furniture and Décor | Blog idea: "Furnishing with Flair: Discovering Unique and Stylish Furniture and Décor for Your Home"

7. Niche: Parenting and Family

The parenting and family niche resonates with parents seeking advice, support, and ideas for raising their children. With a wide range of topics to explore, this niche provides numerous opportunities for monetization through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and digital products.

Angles to take:

a. Pregnancy and Childbirth | Blog idea: "The Expectant Journey: Navigating Pregnancy and Childbirth with Confidence and Joy"

b. Baby Care and Development | Blog idea: "The Baby Chronicles: A Parent's Guide to Baby Care and Developmental Milestones"

c. Parenting Styles and Techniques | Blog idea: "The Parenting Compass: Exploring Different Parenting Styles and Techniques for a Happy Family Life"

d. Education and Learning | Blog idea: "Growing Minds: Empowering Your Child's Education and Love for Learning"

e. Child Behavior and Discipline | Blog idea: "Parenting with Purpose: Understanding Child Behavior and Implementing Effective Discipline Strategies"

f. Family Activities and Travel | Blog idea: "The Family Adventure: Creating Lasting Memories Through Fun Activities and Travel"

g. Special Needs Parenting | Blog idea: "Exceptional Families: A Guide to Parenting Children with Special Needs and Embracing Uniqueness"

h. Adoption and Foster Care | Blog idea: "Family Ties: The Heartfelt Journey of Adoption and Foster Care"

i. Family Finances and Budgeting | Blog idea: "Financially Savvy Families: Mastering Family Budgeting and Building a Secure Future"

j. Work-Life Balance for Parents | Blog idea: "Balancing Act: Achieving Work-Life Harmony for Busy Parents"

8. Niche: Sustainable Living and Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainable living and eco-friendly practices is a niche that caters to individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment.

This niche offers various topics to explore, presenting monetization opportunities through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and digital products.

Angles to take:

a. Zero-waste Living | Blog idea: "The Zero-Waste Journey: Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle and Reducing Your Ecological Footprint"

b. Renewable Energy and Resources | Blog idea: "Powering the Future: Exploring Renewable Energy and Resources for a Greener Planet"

c. Conservation and Preservation | Blog idea: "Guardians of Earth: The Importance of Conservation and Preservation for Our Natural World"

d. Recycling and Upcycling | Blog idea: "A New Life: The Art of Recycling and Upcycling for a Circular Economy"

e. Organic and Natural Products | Blog idea: "Nature's Bounty: Discovering the Benefits of Organic and Natural Products for a Healthier Life"

f. Eco-friendly Fashion and Clothing | Blog idea: "Conscious Couture: Embracing Eco-friendly Fashion and Clothing for a Greener Wardrobe"

g. Green Building and Architecture | Blog idea: "Eco-Structures: Innovations in Green Building and Architecture for a Sustainable Future"

h. Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening | Blog idea: "Cultivating Change: The Role of Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening in a Greener World"

i. Clean Transportation and Mobility | Blog idea: "On the Move: The Evolution of Clean Transportation and Mobility Solutions for a Low-Carbon Society"

j. Environmental Activism and Policy | Blog idea: "Voices for the Planet: The Impact of Environmental Activism and Policy on Protecting Our Earth"

9. Niche: Technology and Gadgets

The technology and gadgets niche appeals to tech enthusiasts who want to stay informed about the latest innovations and gadgets. With a rapidly evolving industry, this niche provides numerous opportunities for monetization through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and advertising revenue.

Angles to take:

a. Consumer Electronics and Devices | Blog idea: "Gizmo Galaxy: Exploring the Latest Consumer Electronics and Devices Transforming Our Lives"

b. Mobile Phones and Accessories | Blog idea: "Stay Connected: Navigating the World of Mobile Phones and Must-Have Accessories"

c. Gaming and Virtual Reality | Blog idea: "The Virtual Frontier: The Exciting World of Gaming and Virtual Reality Experiences"

d. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Blog idea: "Minds of the Future: Unveiling the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning"

e. Software and Apps | Blog idea: "Digital Toolbox: Discovering Essential Software and Apps for Everyday Life"

f. Internet of Things and Smart Home Technology | Blog idea: "The Connected Home: Exploring the Internet of Things and Smart Home Technologies"

g. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy | Blog idea: "Guardians of the Web: Understanding Cybersecurity and Data Privacy in the Digital Age"

h. Social Media and Digital Marketing | Blog idea: "The Social Revolution: Mastering Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies for Success"

i. Drones and Robotics | Blog idea: "Sky High and Beyond: The Innovative World of Drones and Robotics"

j. Future Technology and Trends | Blog idea: "Tomorrow's Tech: Predicting and Analyzing Future Technology and Trends Shaping Our World"

10. Home Automation and Smart Homes

Why it's a good opportunity: With the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) and the increasing demand for convenience, the home automation and smart home niche is growing exponentially. It offers ample opportunities for monetization through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and display ads.

Angles to take:

a. Smart Lighting Systems | Blog idea: "Illuminate Your Life: Enhancing Your Home with Smart Lighting Systems"

b. Home Security Systems | Blog idea: "Safety First: Protecting Your Home and Family with Advanced Security Systems"

c. Smart Thermostats | Blog idea: "Climate Control: The Benefits of Smart Thermostats for Energy Efficiency and Comfort"

d. Voice-activated Assistants | Blog idea: "Talk to Me: The Rise of Voice-activated Assistants and Their Impact on Our Lives"

e. Smart Appliances | Blog idea: "The Intelligent Kitchen: Exploring the World of Smart Appliances for Modern Living"

f. Home Automation for Seniors | Blog idea: "Aging Gracefully: Home Automation Solutions for Seniors and Independent Living"

g. Energy Efficiency and Smart Homes | Blog idea: "Eco-Friendly Living: Embracing Energy Efficiency in Smart Homes"

h. DIY Smart Home Projects | Blog idea: "The Tinkerer's Guide: DIY Smart Home Projects for the Tech-Savvy Homeowner"

i. Home Theater and Audio Systems | Blog idea: "Cinematic Sanctuary: Creating the Ultimate Home Theater and Audio Experience"

j. Home Networking Solutions | Blog idea: "Connected Spaces: Designing and Optimizing Home Networking Solutions for Seamless Connectivity"

11. Online Education and E-Learning

The global pandemic has boosted the popularity of online education and e-learning. As technology continues to advance, this niche will likely see further growth, providing numerous monetization opportunities such as selling online courses, advertising, and affiliate marketing.

Angles to take:

a. Language Learning | Blog idea: "Polyglot Paradise: Uncovering the Secrets of Successful Language Learning"

b. Coding and Programming | Blog idea: "Code Creators: Mastering the Art of Coding and Programming for Career Success"

c. Professional Development | Blog idea: "Climbing the Ladder: Strategies for Effective Professional Development and Growth"

d. Art and Design Tutorials | Blog idea: "Creative Canvas: Art and Design Tutorials to Unleash Your Inner Artist"

e. Homeschooling Resources | Blog idea: "The Homeschool Haven: Essential Resources for Successful Homeschooling"

f. Test Preparation and Tutoring | Blog idea: "Test Triumph: Expert Tips and Tutoring for Acing Exams and Tests"

g. Online Course Platforms | Blog idea: "The Learning Lounge: Navigating Online Course Platforms for Lifelong Learning"

h. Educational Apps and Tools | Blog idea: "Tech-Enabled Teaching: Exploring Educational Apps and Tools for Engaging Learning Experiences"

i. Soft Skills Development | Blog idea: "Beyond the Resume: Cultivating Soft Skills for Personal and Professional Success"

j. Virtual Classrooms and Webinars | Blog idea: "The Digital Classroom: Embracing Virtual Classrooms and Webinars for Collaborative Learning"

12. Mental Health and Well-being

With increasing awareness about mental health, this niche is becoming more critical than ever. By sharing valuable information, resources, and personal experiences, you can build a loyal audience and monetize through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or offering your own services and products.

Angles to take:

a. Stress Management | Blog idea: "Keep Calm and Carry On: Effective Strategies for Stress Management"

b. Anxiety and Depression | Blog idea: "Navigating the Storm: Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety and Depression"

c. Mindfulness and Meditation | Blog idea: "The Mindful Path: Cultivating Mindfulness and Meditation for Inner Peace"

d. Personal Development | Blog idea: "Evolving You: Mastering Personal Development for a Fulfilling Life"

e. Relationships and Communication | Blog idea: "Heart-to-Heart: Building Strong Relationships through Effective Communication"

f. Coping with Grief and Loss | Blog idea: "Healing Hearts: Navigating the Journey of Grief and Loss"

g. Emotional Intelligence | Blog idea: "Emotions Unlocked: Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Personal Growth"

h. Positive Psychology | Blog idea: "The Happiness Factor: Exploring Positive Psychology for a Joyful Life"

i. Addiction Recovery | Blog idea: "The Road to Recovery: Supporting Addiction Recovery through Compassion and Understanding"

j. Self-Care and Self-Love | Blog idea: "Nurture Yourself: Embracing Self-Care and Self-Love for a Balanced Life"

13. Eco-Friendly Living and Sustainability

Why it's a good opportunity: As environmental concerns become more pressing, people are looking for ways to live more sustainably. This niche offers numerous opportunities for monetization through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and promoting eco-friendly products and services.

Angles to take:

a. Zero-waste Living | Blog idea: "The Zero-Waste Journey: Tips and Tricks for Sustainable Living"

b. Renewable Energy | Blog idea: "Powering the Future: The Potential of Renewable Energy Sources"

c. Sustainable Fashion | Blog idea: "Eco Chic: Embracing Sustainable Fashion for a Greener Wardrobe"

d. Organic Gardening | Blog idea: "Green Thumb: The Art of Organic Gardening for a Healthy Environment"

e. Green Home Improvement | Blog idea: "Eco Oasis: Green Home Improvement Projects for Sustainable Living"

f. Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyles | Blog idea: "Plant-Powered Living: Exploring Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyles for a Healthier Planet"

g. Ethical Consumerism | Blog idea: "Shop with Purpose: Understanding and Practicing Ethical Consumerism"

h. Environmental Activism | Blog idea: "Green Warriors

j. Conservation and Wildlife Protection | Blog idea: "Nature's Guardians: The Role of Conservation and Wildlife Protection in Preserving Our Planet"

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