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Get the earned secrets of the most successful SEOs in B2C.

Our 5 Best B2C SEO Case Studies

In B2C, SEO just hits a little different.

It's more difficult to be boring.

You need high volumes to make any real money.

And the top of the funnel is a lot more fun to write about.

Here are 6 SEO case studies you need to read from niche sites and B2C-focused tech brands alike.👇

(Oh, and in case you didn't realise...we interviewed the *actual* SEO behind each of these case studies. No BS here.)

1. Digital Émigré

digital emigre case study niche site

Topic: How to emigrate to Europe

Samantha North's niche site, Digital Emigre, grew to $7,000 in revenue in 2 years.

Although she was a serial blogger and ex-journalist, Samantha had no SEO knowledge prior to starting her journey.

In our case study with Samantha, we focus on four core tenets of a successful niche site SEO strategy.

(1) Choosing a niche

(2) Making a content strategy

(3) Monetizing your traffic (often through 5-figure affiliates!)

(4) Mistakes to avoid

It was particularly enticing to hear this story from the perspective of someone fresh to SEO. It was a stark reminder of the fundamental principles of great SEO, and how impactful doing the basics right can be.

Read the full case study here.

2. Retro Dodo

retro dodo case study niche site

Topic: Retro gaming console reviews

Brandon Saltalamacchia published his first piece of content in June 2019.

Three years later, in November 2022, Retro Dodo pulled in $55,000 in revenue.

With a successful YouTube channel, blog and social media accounts, Retro Dodo truly embodies a brand.

His followers are raving retro gaming fans, and they trust his console reviews.

Retro Dodo earns $8,000 per month through affiliates—encouraging sales of games consoles, each of which he's unboxed and reviewed.

This case study was an important tip to the future of search: a fully-integrated video x written blog.

Read the full case study.

3. Cazoo

Cazoo SEO case study

Cazoo is one of the UK's wildest tech success stories.

Over the pandemic, the built a business from scratch to £6bn in IPO. Crazy, right?

In this case study, we hear how Andy Francos, then Head of Organic at Cazoo, designed a winning SEO strategy for them.

Their traffic currently sits at well over 1 million monthly visitors.

But more importantly, they took a wholly customer-centric approach. No hacks, no page spam, no backlink building.

Just solid authority building strategy.

Read the full case study.

4. Enterprise fashion

fashion ecommerce seo

We don't know the name or URL of this site, but it the story comes from a trusted source: renowned eCommerce SEO expert, Louis Smith.

When Louis first started working with this company, they'd failed to invest in SEO at all. Yet, they were ranking.

They had internationalized the site and the failed to add GeoTags. The wrong languages were showing in the wrong countries!

Louis walks us through the exact best practices he used to add 22% in revenue in 12 months to this company. From category page design to internal linking best practices—this is a masterclass.

Read the full case study.

5. Alphabetimals

Alphabetimals seo case study

This wife & husband duo built a site designed to teach children the alphabet through funky designs and growling animal noises.

The site is a wonderful example of a niche SEO blog and it's dominating the SERPs right now.

The pages are pretty simple:

  • Animals that start with "a"
  • Animals that start with "b"
  • And so on...

But boy do the generate traffic. And the growth opportunities and spine tingling.

Read the full case study.


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