Fashion SEO case study: +22% Revenue in 12 Months

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In this case study, we're joined by Louis Smith, a specialist in eCommerce SEO.

Louis shared with us one of his most interesting case studies, where he worked with a fashion brand that had grown quickly through paid acquisition channels, but had neglected SEO.

We discussed the technical issues, content strategy needs, and best practices that Louis put in place to help the brand achieve success.

In the breakdown, we cover a variety of topics, including how to rank category pages and create a content strategy, as well as how to fix technical issues.

We also take a deep dive into the impressive growth results that Louis achieved.

So, if you're looking to improve your eCommerce website's SEO, this case study is definitely worth diving into.

Here’s what you will learn from this case study:

  1. Building out best practice category pages
  2. Setting up proper navigation menus
  3. Building out support content + content strategy for eCommerce
  4. Backlink building strategy for eCommerce
  5. Adding product review blogs for your own products
  6. Importance of product coverage in eCommerce SEO
  7. Fixing technical issues


Company: Global fashion eCommerce brand (name confidential)

SEO status at the start: No SEO work done at all; company grew via paid advertising to £80m monthly revenue

“There was no SEO leading it. They did grow absolutely phenomenally, but they were doing mainly 90% paid.” - Louis Smith


  • Many orphan pages
  • Ranking for different countries with the wrong domains - wrong geo stack
  • Bringing in the wrong traffic
  • Bad UX

Tech stack:

  • Wordpress
  • Completely custom stack on top of WP
“We had to put the strategy in place to make sure we’re ranking in the right country, that everything is in the right place. Building on top of the 20% that was working. With any website, I always say that 20% of the website probably brings in 80% of the revenue. So how can we focus on that and build on top of that?” - Louis Smith

About the Creator

Louis Smith is an eCommerce SEO specialist that’s helped medium to fortune500 eCommerce brands generate over $100million in MRR. Rated in the top 1% of the worlds best SEOs that’s ranked 1000s of keywords in tough niches and helped brands dominate Google search.

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Fashion SEO case study: +22% Revenue in 12 Months

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