How Dragon's Diet Earns $15K/Month from 118K Traffic

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🪲🪲 Welcome to Dragon's Diet 🪲🪲

🔥 They get $15k/month in revenue from something we all HATE!

(at least I do)

They sell roaches 🤮

📌 118k traffic/month

📌 Only DR26

📌 1 very surprising finding

Here's how they WIN at SEO


dubai diet ahrefs screenshot

How do I know they do $15k/month?

I don't, but I have a glossy paper from a business school claiming I know stuff... (I wish)

Let's accept that they get 118k traffic/month

1 in 500 buy. Roughly 2.5 times on average. AOV of $30

(118k / 500) * (2.5*$30) = $17.7k

Let's say $15k.

The SEO Audit

… "Hey, mom! I'm going to school to sell roaches!"

I’m sure she would have been proud!

I'm just surprised anyone has taken it upon themselves to sell these crawling critters...

But apparently, bearded dragons love them!

And what wouldn't you do for your pet? & others' pets?

...But let's take a closer look at their SEO

(it is quite different from the last case I did)

With a niche site on bearded dragons (from here on 'dragons'), you'd think they had a MASSIVE site to get 118k traffic.

📌 130 pages is all they got. How, though?

dragons diet serps screenshot

… So, what was I expecting?

And what were they actually doing?

I was expecting that the posts would be long-format and that they would be very elaborate... Because that's what we saw in the bike case study.

What was actually the case?

dragons diet ahrefs screeshot

The content—length and dwell time

... I ran Dragon's Diet through Screaming Frog...

And the results were surprising.

A lot of the articles were much shorter.

So why did they rank? 🤔

...After all, many people in the SEO community believe word count matters.

Although G says no.

dragons diet screamingfrog screenshot

There's no doubt some of DD's keywords are less competitive than those from last week's case.

After all, you can make BEAUCOUP dollars from some affiliate terms when you rank for them.

But DD does something else that's really smart...

They answer very specific questions.

And they answer them very quickly.

They show G that they can get to the point... But hook the reader.

Q: Can dragons eat Aspargus?

A: Yes

Hook: But not every day.

So, when can they? I don't want my dragon to suffer!

dragons diet blog post screenshot

I can only imagine their user metrics beating competitors' user metrics. G has access to this data.

Some SEOs believe dwell time is an important user metric. How can yours be better than competitors?

Don't pretend users scroll through a massive article to find a simple answer.

Make it easy for people that want the short answer get it.

Then bait them into staying longer.

= better dwell time

...But DD does something else very well.

They're VERY good at internally linking their articles.

But it also makes sense. When you've written almost everything possible in a cluster, you not only gain topical authority, you can internally link without it feeling forced.


But still, wouldn't it be beneficial for their articles to be longer, so they could get EVEN more traffic?

Maybe. It's hard to say.

But let's look at the nature of their KWs.

Many of them are VERY specific.

As opposed to when someone's buying a $ XXX product.

One requires a simple answer.

For the other, a reader wants to know what's available on the market so they can make the best decision. They want to know everything to know before spending $$.

...And the KWs requiring longer answers have longer articles on DD.

dragons diet screamingfrog screenshot

The technical side

... So, what does DD do differently from a technical POV?

They've definitely had someone make sure their structured data was looked at.

With 130 articles indexed, they're definitely conscious of avoiding index bloat...

And they're definitely building topical authority.

dragons diet rich results screenshot

Monetization and Trust

DD clearly did its market research before starting this project.

📌 Many relatively easy KWs to rank for
📌 An easy (but gross) living product to sell to people interested in your niche... that most people wouldn't want to get into.

They accessibly display all the eCommerce components at the bottom of the page (TOS, refund policy, shipping).

... And if I had to guess, they have a HECK of a way to ask customers for reviews (given that they 474 reviews for roaches!)

dragons diet screamingfrog screenshot

Their products page even has extremely good schema markup with product & review snippets.

…And they even have an Instagram page where they post memes.

Despite their shorter articles, all these signals show G they're serious and know their dragons.

dragons diet screamingfrog screenshot

Their articles do not have a level of detail you could not replicate in the niche that you're in.

DD's also a good example showing you don't always need to rely on affiliate and ad income.

You can...

📌 Build an online/physical product

📌 Generate leads

📌 Sell consulting.

... On that note, I'd like to make an ask of you.

I put a lot of time into these threads. Several hours, in fact.

I wish my motives were purely altruistic... But you can't be truly altruistic without losing billions of people's $$$ (Am I right, SBF?).


This post was originally a Twitter thread by Thomas Jepsen. He's been in SEO since 2010 and is definitely worth a follow.

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