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Learn SEO from the best in B2B SaaS. Find top case studies from companies like Hotjar, Typeform,, UserPilot, and many more.

Our 5 Best SaaS SEO Case Studies

In SaaS, SEO just hits a little different.

Buyers are critical. Purchases are rarely impulsive.

You can make serious cash from very low volumes.

And the top of the funnel is a suspect investment.

Below are 6 SaaS SEO case studies👇

- Expect a teardown of their entire strategy.

- Expect hints, tips and SEO experiment results.

- Expect exclusive interviews with the *actual* SEO behind the story.

1. How Wrote 1,000 SEO Articles in 12 Months (and then IPO'd) search profile

Pre-IPO dramatically scaled its content production.

I'm talking over 125 new blog posts per month. 1,000 that year.

#moatbuilding paid off.

The traffic growth was stoopid good.

🙌 The headline: 100K to +1.2M monthly organic visitors.

And the story behind the scale is an operational masterpiece.

Expect to learn:

Documentation: What foundational guides are fundamental to scaling content creation? And the ones you must not miss.

Keywords: How to choose those that rank in a short space of time. So you see results now, not in 12 months.

Writer acquisition: How to find enough great writers for 125 articles per month. And filter out the rubbish ones.

Quality: How to write good enough quality for Monday, even on technical topics.

Read it here.

2. Hotjar's Traffic Explosion: 47% Increase in 2 Years

Hotjar's search statistics

Hotjar's Senior SEO & Content strategist tells us how Hotjar leverages full-funnel topic clusters to drive success.

Hotjar's search volume increased 47% over the past 2 years.

That's millions of new visitors each year.

And the best thing?

Revenue results. It's driving *actual* revenue results.

Hotjar's SEO strategy is mission-critical customer acquisition.

And as a channel, the costs are proving to be significantly lower.

Expect to learn:

Topic choice: How Hotjar leverages customers to unearth high-converting topics to write about.

Topic clustering: How Hotjar builds topic clusters—it's not all about the keywords.

Content experience: How Hotjar consciously designs content to drive readers to become customers.

Backlink building: Does a website with DR 92 does backlink building

Read it here.

3. How Scribe Grew from 0-30K Monthly Visitors in 7 Months

Search profile for scribehow

This week's SEO case study is with the world-class SEO & content strategist, Jakub Rudnik.

Safe to say he's been around the block. He was at G2 during the hyper-growth years, on which he notes:

"At G2, the big thing was our big goal of total articles written not the end result. It was the biggest mistake we've made in our career, writing 500 articles that never generated traffic or revenue or anything.”

He's also an ex-writer for the Chicago Tribune and a journalism professor, giving him an eye for what grabs the reader's attention—more on that later.

Now leading content at Scribe, I catch up with Jakub to hear how his team grew monthly traffic from 0 to 30,000 in 7 months.

Expect to learn:

How to build a world-class content strategy that actually drives revenue.

How journalism and content marketing overlap (and where they don't).

How Scribe iterated its content strategy around revenue signals.

Whether SEO is right for your company, and how to leverage your product in your strategy.

Read it here.

4. How UserPilot Scaled to 100K Visitors in 10 Months

It took UserPilot three years to get its first 25,000 monthly organic visitors.

And, just 10 months to get to 100,000.

Whaaaat?! Triple the growth rate. 🤯

How on earth did they...

Well, in short, they:

  1. Learned how to build efficient content operations (scaling from 4 monthly blogs to 40)
  2. Leveraged programmatic SEO to scale production even further

All without a drop in quality. Interesting. 🤔

In this case study, I talk to UserPilot’s Head of Marketing, Emilia Korczyńska to hear her story.

It wasn't an easy journey. They made mistakes along the way.

But from the flames of challenge, efficient operations were born.

UserPilot is now capable of producing 29 long-form blog posts per hour.

Per. F*ucking. Hour.

In this week's write-up, I deep dive exactly how they use programmatic SEO to do this without losing quality, and explain how you can do the same.

Expect to learn:

How to build systems that overcome your reliance on any one individual, so your content production never slows.

How to leverage keyword patterns across content types to exponentially scale production.

The templates and databases required to do programmatic SEO yourself (Spoiler: It's not that hard, even I have done it using Webflow + Sheets alone)

Read it here.

5. How Typeform Built SEO into a $3M Annual Lifetime Revenue Channel

typeform saas seo strategy

Jake Stainer joined Typeform in June 2015 as employee #29.

In his first couple of weeks, they celebrated hitting $1M in annual revenue from 5,000 customers.

By the time he left just 3.5 years later?

Typeform had:

  • 10x the employees
  • Grown to $13M in ARR
  • Grown their SEO channel to $3M in yearly lifetime value revenue

In this week's SEO case study, we hear how a growth marketer scales SEO with:

  • Product-led SEO techniques
  • Retention-driven topic choices
  • Growth modeling for search
  • Processes designed to win
Expect to learn:

How Typeform selected and prioritized keywords to drive the most revenue growth (an example of product-led SEO in action)

How Typeform built out their template library, ranking for 1,000s of bottom-of-funnel keywords.

Typeforms unique backlink building technique that scaled them to 2.3M backlinks (and 93 domain rating)

How to build an SEO growth model that makes sure your strategy prioritizes revenue (with template)

Read it here.

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