How UserPilot Scaled to 100K Visitors in 10 Months

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It took UserPilot three years to get its first 25,000 monthly organic visitors.

And, just 10 months to get to 100,000.

Userpilot scaling journey

Whaaaat?! Triple the growth rate. 🤯

How on earth did they...

Well, in short, they:

  1. Learned how to build efficient content operations (scaling from 4 monthly blogs to 40)
  2. Leveraged programmatic SEO to scale production even further

All without a drop in quality. Interesting. 🤔

This week, I talk to UserPilot’s Head of Marketing, Emilia Korczyńska to hear her story.

It wasn't an easy journey. They made mistakes along the way.

But from the flames of challenge, efficient operations were born.

UserPilot is now capable of producing 29 long-form blog posts per hour.

Per. F*ucking. Hour.

In this week's write-up, I deep dive exactly how they use programmatic SEO to do this without losing quality, and explain how you can do the same.

Expect to learn:

  • How to build systems that overcome your reliance on any one individual, so your content production never slows.
  • How to leverage keyword patterns across content types to exponentially scale production.
  • The templates and databases required to do programmatic SEO yourself (Spoiler: It's not that hard, even I have done it using Webflow + Sheets alone)
Userpilot search profile

Case Study Background

In the early days of 2021, UserPilot’s marketing team was spread thin. Webinars, Quora, podcasting, writing blogs, the lot. Like many early-stage companies, their marketing strategy was “a bit of everything”.

But, when a fractional VP of marketing came on board, they pointed out the obvious.

80% of leads are coming from the blog. Yet, by writing one blog post per week, they were spending a disproportionate amount of time on it.

In the following months, Emilia and the UserPilot team decided to go all in on content. They 10x'd their output from 4 to 40 blog posts per month and grew their writing team with four new writers.

monthly blog output by Userpilot

In an unfortunate series of events, three of the new writers quit within three months.

But this experience forced Emilia to rethink how they scaled content production.
She reached out to multiple content teams to ask them how they did it and "Frankenstein'd" her own process.

Editors and writers would now write with focus. Building whole content clusters at a time.

With 20 blog posts to write on one topic, their knowledge could compound with each article. They could link between them and holistically design content pieces.

40 blog posts quickly became manageable. And their processes meant they could outsource the entire process to freelancers.

Successes in inbound revenue meant UserPilot could double down again. They began leveraging programmatic SEO to both efficiently and exponentially produce content.

A programmatic template—explained in part 2 of this article

Let's look at the processes behind this SEO case study in more detail:

About the Creator

Emilia Korczyńska is UserPilot’s Head of Marketing. She's literally written a book on content operations to share her secrets for scaling production of high quality content.

She writes about her learnings daily on LinkedIn and shares regular tips around programmatic SEO.

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How UserPilot Scaled to 100K Visitors in 10 Months

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