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Get the earned secrets of some of the most successful niche site builders in the world.

3 Affiliate Niche Site Examples

Most SEO examples suck.

It's all very well looking at a website, but how did they actually do it? and why did they do it like that? You can't copy what you don't know.

That's why we built

Our goal is to provide expert tear-downs of some of the world's most successful SEO strategies. To shed light on an industry that loves to hide its secrets.

We're still building every day. Got a niche site case study to share? Reach out. Grab some exposure for your big win.

Here are 3 great SEO examples to get you started 👇

1. Digital Émigré

digital emigre case study niche site

Topic: How to emigrate to Europe

Samantha North's niche site, Digital Emigre, grew to $7,000 in revenue in 2 years.

Although she was a serial blogger and ex-journalist, Samantha had no SEO knowledge prior to starting her journey.

In our case study with Samantha, we focus on four core tenets of a successful niche site SEO strategy.

(1) Choosing a niche

(2) Making a content strategy

(3) Monetizing your traffic (often through 5-figure affiliates!)

(4) Mistakes to avoid

It was particularly enticing to hear this story from the perspective of someone fresh to SEO. It was a stark reminder of the fundamental principles of great SEO, and how impactful doing the basics right can be.

Read the full case study here.

2. Retro Dodo

retro dodo case study niche site

Topic: Retro gaming console reviews

Brandon Saltalamacchia published his first piece of content in June 2019.

Three years later, in November 2022, Retro Dodo pulled in $55,000 in revenue. Now, that is a highly profitable blog.

With a successful YouTube channel, blog and social media accounts, Retro Dodo truly embodies a brand.

His followers are raving retro gaming fans, and they trust his console reviews.

Retro Dodo earns $8,000 per month through affiliates—encouraging sales of games consoles, each of which he's unboxed and reviewed.

This case study was an important tip to the future of search: a fully-integrated video x written blog.

Read the full case study.

3. Niche Website Builders - 2,300 blog posts in ONE go

tomb raiding seo

I recently interviewed Adam Smith, founder of niche site builders.

He and his team are building the "beast" case study right now.

It's a brand new niche blog, built on an aged domain, for which he and his team wrote 2,300 blog posts.

It's only been live a few months and it already sits at 40,000 monthly visitors!

Here's the interview topics we covered together:

Together those are a complete guide for building a successful niche site.

PS. They're all podcast episodes! You can listen on the How the F*ck's best SEO podcasts here.

Learn to Build a Niche Site

In these three articles, we teach you how to build a niche site. From choosing a profitable niche through to keyword research strategy.

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