Aura's Rise to ~1 Million Monthly Visitors in 12 Months

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Here are 5 lessons in SEO from Aura's stupidly successful search strategy.

aura seo strategy

Since Dec '22, Aura scaled from zero content to:

  • 6,500 position 1-3 keywords
  • ~1 million monthly clicks.

Despite a SUPER competitive niche.

So, what's their secret?

Aura's Ahref graph

Let's dig in.

1/ Fast production = fast scale

The Aura team created 15-20 new articles a month.

When your competitors have 10 years of content production.

....and you have zero.

It's important to close the gap fast to compete in your niche.

Closing the gap quickly helps build topical authority.

Which helps all your content rank faster.

It also = a better user experience as readers can keep consuming more and more of your site.

"We wrote dozens of articles in our niche before Google noticed us as experts. The first articles were difficult to make visible, but it's getting easier and easier to rank new articles daily."—Irina Maltseva, Growth Lead at Aura
"[20 a month] was a number that we could reasonably keep up the pace with and maintain strong quality. It was also a pace that we felt would be necessary to catch up to the big dogs."—Gaetano DiNardi, Ex-Aura VP of Growth

2/ Support calls are a great place to do keyword research

The Aura team spent a month listening to support calls to identify:

  • Long-tail questions
  • Synonyms for seed terms
  • Pain points to touch on

Real customer problems = the focus of their content pillars.

Aura example search
"On a sales call, you’re gonna hear an old grandma call and say things like, ‘I just got an alert from the dark net, what do I do?’ Or ‘I think my social security number is on the dark net.”—Gaetano DiNardi, Ex-Aura VP of Growth

3/ Find keyword patterns

Aura has 56 URLs with the word "scams" in them.

They drive over 200k traffic.

Aura scams pages

Keyword patterns help scale content production:

  • The content has overlaps
  • Content briefs are faster to make
  • Templates can be created for writers to follow

4/ Get inventive with backlinks

Aura built backlinks through PR and other strategies.

Here are three methods they used:

Aura backlinking tips

In the full case study, Gaetano also shared three more of his backlink-building strategies.

1. Reach out on Linkedin

When you reach on LinkedIn they can see your real.

They can see your followers and content.

And are much more likely to respond.

2. Podcasting

"In return, you get a nice, fat, juicy backlink to whatever page you want because you just gave somebody 30 to 45 minutes of your time."—Gaetano DiNardi

3. Buzzy topics

“We saw that the big buzzy topics like The Newest Scams That Are Happening On Zelle - those tend to get tons of natural links just because it’s a big buzzy topic. And it’s still relevant to our audience."—Gaetano DiNardi

5/ Introductionless content

Aura practices "introductionless content".

Their content begins with the important stuff.

introductionless content

Most "SEO content" is boring.

The introduction + definition + "why X is important" are all irrelevant to the reader.

Introductionless content helps content meet search intent faster.

It skips the BS. As all content should.

Introductionless content

Definition: The practice of starting at what the reader actually came for and skipping all the BS preamble.

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Aura's Rise to ~1 Million Monthly Visitors in 12 Months

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