SEO Introduction Experiment: Typeform Went Page 2 to Position 3 in 1 Hour

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This Typeform article went from page 2 to position 3 in 1 hour. 👇

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Here's why and what it means for your SEO-led content going forward.

What changed?

Typeform's article was:

  • well-written
  • internally linked
  • on a website with authority

Yet, it was sitting on page 2.

Their SEO executive, Kirsty Finlayson, made one small tweak, went for lunch, came back and it was at position 3.

What did she do?


She replaced a more narrative-driven introduction.

With a list that summarized the listicle.

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Within an hour, the blog post moved from page two to position three.

Why did it work?

Introduction experiment SEO: Kirsty's disbelief

Because it made sure the article hit search intent, quickly.

If your readers have to dig and rummage in your content, it's highly likely that they'll bounce back to the search results.

Google doesn't like this.

Ask yourself:

  • What does the searcher really want?
  • What's their mindset when they reach your content?

The best content is structured to deliver value upfront:

  1. Key points
  2. Explain your argument
  3. Give evidence for those points

This aligns with how McKinsey teach clear communication:

Structure your presentation with the Minto Pyramid Principle

When you've got a busy target audience, it's best to follow the bottom line up (BLUF) approach.

BLUF is the practice of beginning a message with its key information.

This provides the reader with the most important information first.

— Ben


This example came from my podcast interview with the former Head of Growth at Typeform.

He joined Typeform at €1M ARR.

While there, he:

  • Built their first-ever SEO strategy
  • Grew the channel to $3M yearly lifetime value revenue
  • Oversaw growth from $1M ARR to $13M ARR

Check out the Typeform SEO case study here in this post (it's £8 to access all my case studies—or listen free on the podcast).

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SEO Introduction Experiment: Typeform Went Page 2 to Position 3 in 1 Hour

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